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Livingston FC


Stadium lighting is the forgotten must have part of the infrastructure of any modern stadium, normally only maintained once it has failed.  Although most floodlighting systems are robust, they still need a bit of TLC.

Maintenance of these systems is an absolute must and should be carried out during the pre-season shut down.

DC Lighting Services Ltd carried out the maintenance services on Livingston Football Club Stadium during the closed season, over 40 floodlights had failed prior to the work commencing.
The system has been developed over many years with 3 different manufacturers floodlights used.  DC Lighting provided all the maintenance required including a re-design of the existing system.

With Livingston FC requiring to meet the lighting levels for the 1st division of the SFL (500 Lux) DC Lighting have provided switching circuits to allow lighting levels of 500, 800 and 1100 Lux.  With the system now 100% operational Livingston FC floodlighting systems now meets the requirements of the SPL, so the team now have no excuse!